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Basic research and entrepreneurship work well together. DESY is one of the world's leading research centres for particle accelerators. On its campus, a modern infrastructure for startups with labs, prototyping workshops, meeting and coworking spaces is currently being created. The DESY Startup Office team takes into account the special requirements of founders whose products or services are based on complex technologies. This is why DESY's infrastructure and consulting services aim to transform this relatively long incubation period into healthy corporate growth.

Our team of advisors can help with:

·      Developing business concepts

·      Advising on financing solutions

·      Specialist network, introductions to potential investors

·      Onsite office, lab and prototyping space

DESY Startup Office Team

Profile provided by DESY.

Support Programmes

  • Startup Consultancy

    DESY Startup Office

    Provided by: DESY
    To combine fundamental research and entrepreneurship, individual consultations are offered for high-quality services and high-tech products.
    • Orientation Stage
    • Planning Stage
    • Founding Stage
    • Non-monetary
    • company &
      business model development
    • start-up consultancy
    • all
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