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WiredSense, a Hamburg-based startup specializing in the development of novel optical sensor solutions, has closed its first round of financing. The high six-figure investment will allow the company to advance the production readiness and market launch of its new product Sweeb, a compact sensor solution for chemical material analysis without a laboratory.

 The venture capitalists are several experienced business angels and entrepreneurs themselves who, with experience in various fields and industries, will support WiredSense with relevant know-how in the long term as well. These are Thomas Wagner, Wolfram Drescher, Thomas Ecker and Andreas Kupke. WiredSense is located on the DESY campus in Hamburg in the Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld and is advised by the DESY Start-up Office.

© beyourpilot / Anne Gaertner: Matthias Budden and Thomas Gebert, the founders of WiredSense
© beyourpilot / Anne Gaertner: Matthias Budden and Thomas Gebert, the founders of WiredSense

Detectors from WiredSense are present worldwide

WiredSense's first product was the result of many years of research in the field of laser physics: a highly sensitive detector for thermal radiation in the infrared and terahertz range, primarily for use in research laboratories. Meanwhile, WiredSense's detectors are achieving record speeds and are used in research laboratories worldwide. With Sweeb, the company's founders, Thomas Gebert and Matthias Budden, are expanding the product range and building on their established technology solutions.

Sweeb enables simple and fast analysis of ingredients based on highly specific spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region of the spectrum. Here, most materials have a characteristic "molecular fingerprint" that an algorithm can analyze quickly and without error. For example, the composition of medicines or food can be identified within seconds, opening up a wide range of new markets. Pharmacies can use Sweeb to check starting materials for their own formulations on site and in the shortest possible time, thus eliminating time-consuming and material-intensive chemical analyses.

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