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  • Startup City Hamburg brings together Hamburg's entire startup ecosystem in one place. The bilingual platform is a virtual meeting place for potential entrepreneurs and founders to get to know companies, investors, organisations and stakeholders in commerce and science. The site also gives an overview of Hamburg's startup ecosystem and its diverse funding and advisory services. Users will find helpful support materials, an overview of co-working spaces and hubs as well as news, events and inspiring stories.

  • Startup City Hamburg is ideal for all those with a stake in Hamburg's startup scene. Startups, for instance, can raise their visibility with an enhanced profile while investors and organizations can present their offers to the scene.  Potential founders  get a wide range of helpful information on founding.

Tips for startups and founders

  • Startup City Hamburg offers founders various opportunities for obtaining information and interacting.


    1) Information:

    News, Events, Stories
    Under News & Events, you will find news from the startup world and the most important founders’ events. Our stories offer you  inspiration and show how other startups are launching their businesses.


    Support Materials
    The Support Materials section offers you helpful materials and links on various topics and in all phases - from financial planning, marketing and acquisition to drafting a business plan.


    Find an office or co-working space
    The Hubs & Workspaces tab gives you an overview of Hamburg’s co-working spaces, office spaces, hubs, makerspaces and innovation parks.


    2) Interaction:

    Create a startup profile
    Startups can create their own profile and register on Startup City Hamburg. Your company can then be found on the platform by other startups, investors, companies and interested parties thereby raising your visibility and presenting your services. You can write a short text complete with headline and image on the profile page, e.g. about your startup, the idea, the founders, milestones and your plans for the future.


    Post Job Offers
    Startups have the opportunity to post job offers free of charge under Startup Jobs and find the right person faster.


    Find a co-operation partner
    Interested startups, who already have a business idea, can find a suitable co-founder using our co-operation search. Startups can also place advertisements to search for business or co-operation partners. 

  • Before you create your profile, please check the interface to our database (Dealroom to see whether your startup already has a profile on our platform. Simply search for your startup name there.


    Case 1: Your startup is already registered with us? Then go to your profile page and click on "Edit profile" in the top right corner and substantiate your profile page with text (500 -700 characters), a content image (jpeg, png; at least 600 px wide and 300 px high) and a header image (jpeg, png; at least 1440 px wide and 400 px high).


    Case 2: You couldn't find your startup on our website? Then you can register your startup here. For the purpose of inclusion, it should meet the following criteria:

    1. your startup must be less than 10 years old.

    2. your startup must have its headquarters in Hamburg.

    3. your startup must be based on an innovative business idea.


    What else/general points to note:
    After you have sent your data, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We will then check your content. When the content has been published, you will receive an e-mail from our editorial team. You can edit and adapt your profile at any time using the "Edit profile" button.

  • To place a free job advertisement with us as a Hamburg-based startup or company, you proceed as follows: First, create an account for the Pinboard and verify your e-mail address. You can now place job advertisements in your Pinboard account. They will be published when our editorial team has checked them . You will receive an e-mail after the advertisement has been published. 

    Please note: When posting job advertisements, you and your startup must specify the duration of the advertisement. If the position is filled before the expiry date, we request that you delete the ad from your account.

    -> The same procedure applies to postings by co-operation partners.

  • The Funding & Startup Support section gives you an overview of investors, public funding options and support programmes as well as support materials. At the bottom of the page on Funding & Startup Support, founders will find an FAQ element with further information on startup topics such as legal forms, registering a startup and taxation. On the Financing & Startup Support overview page, you can also book a free consultation with one of our colleagues from the Startup Unit. There you will receive detailed advice on the appropriate funding opportunities.

For companies, organizations, investors and funding programmes

  • Companies (corporate), organizations or universities from Hamburg also have the opportunity to be represented with a profile page on Startup City Hamburg. After registration, your profile is visible under the Startups & Ecosystem tab similar to the startups’ profiles. Organizations can also register there. 


    When registering companies (Corporate) please note the following:                         
    Before you create your company, please check the interface to our database (Dealroom) to see whether your company already has a profile on our platform. Simply search for your company name there.


    Case 1: Your company is already registered with us? Then go to your profile page and click on "Edit profile" in the top right and substantiate your profile page with text, a content image and a header image.


    Case 2: You couldn't find your company on our website yet?
    Then you can register your company here.

  • Investors can register on Startup City and can then be found in the Financing & Startup Support section under the Investor tab.


    Please note the following when registering as an Investor: Before you register as an Investor, please first check the interface to our database (Dealroom) to see whether you are already represented on our platform. Simply search for your company name here.


    Case 1: You are already registered with us as an investor? Then you don't need to do anything. If you would like to make changes, please contact our Dealroom database directly.


    Case 2: You are an investor, but could not find yourself on our website?
    Then you can register here.

  • Companies, organizations, initiatives, etc. from Hamburg can place specific support programme (startup consulting, incubators, accelerators & company builders, networking offers) for startups on the platform free of charge. The support programmes can also be registered here.

  • If you and your organization or company are offering an exciting event and which is important for the Hamburg startup scene, you are welcome to send us an e-mail with the necessary information and a teaser image (

    We require the following details:

    - Event name and short description

    - Date and time (duration if applicable)

    - Organizer and location

    - Photo (important) + logo

    After submitting your information and data, we will check whether the event is suitable for Startup City Hamburg and will contact you, should we have any queries.  

General information about the platform

  • Should you have any queries about creating your profile or offers, you can contact Startup City Hamburg’s editorial team at any time (

  • Startup City Hamburg is funded by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg through the Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and is the result of a joint initiative by Hamburg Invest, Hamburg Innovation, Hamburg Marketing and the Institute for Innovation and Technology. Hamburg Invest has editorial responsibility for the platform. Should you have any topics, suggestions or queries, please contact the editorial team on