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Welcome to Startup City Hamburg

What’s new on Hamburg’s startup scene?
Which events are a must for founders and who offers startup advice? Startups, entrepreneurs and innovators can find out all this and much more at Startup City Hamburg. Get an overview of funding and financing opportunities, discover coworking spaces, create job offers and expand your network! At Startup City Hamburg you can find Hamburg’s startup ecosystem gathered into one space.

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Hamburg Speicherstadt
  • Marc-Angelo Bisotti

    Founder & CEO apoQlar

    “Hamburg is a great city to bind creative talents to apoQlar and you can feel the will of this city, but especially of the people who live here, to want to move forward.”
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    © apoQlar
    © apoQlar
  • Lena Weirauch

    Founder & CEO of ai-omatic

    “The Hamburg startup scene is very familiar, people support each other where they can. That applies to the startups among themselves and equally to the city initiatives. This cohesion has helped us a lot in the development of ai-omatic!”
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  • Christian Sigmund

    CEO & Co-Founder Wildplastic

    “For us, Hamburg is the gateway to the world of wild plastics. Here we find the right partners to clean up even more in the future.”
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    Christian Sigmund, CEO Wildplastic
  • Hanne Butting

    Co-Founder Beyond Emotion

    “It is said that Hamburg is "the gateway to the world", and the mindset of the people is shaped accordingly. We enjoy the openness to the use of the latest AI technology and look forward to using it meaningfully in the context of care.”
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    Hanne Butting, Co-Founder Beyond Emotion
    © Beyond Emotion
  • Henrik Roth

    CMO & Co-Founder neuroflash

    “Many creatives, agencies and digital companies are based in Hamburg. We feel at home here and close to our clients. A trip to Hamburg for our virtual team is also always welcome!”
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    Henrik Roth, CMO & Co-Founder neuroflash
    © neuroflash
  • Daniela Arango

    CPO Lignopure

    “To all female founders: Trust yourselves and the work you have done. Don't be afraid to demonstrate this and build on it.”
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  • Dr. Mazen Rizk

    CEO & Founder of Mushlabs

    “We want to change the world from Hamburg with our fermentation technology and are delighted to have the senator's support. Together we can build an innovative, robust and, above all, sustainable food system that will also contribute to Hamburg's food supply in the future.”
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  • Miriam Schütt

    Founder of SofaConcerts

    “I couldn't imagine a better city for SofaConcerts. There is a great cultural landscape here, many of our international artists stop in Hamburg and drop by our office, and the startup scene is also very lively and helpful. People know and support each other. I can only recommend Hamburg as a startup location!”
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    Miriam Schütt, Founder of SofaConcerts
    ©FrauSiemersFotografiert: Miriam Schütt
  • Christoph Janyska

    Head of Business Operations AdaptionLab

    “Hamburg offers a broad landscape of potential customers and partners, and the IFB Innovationsstarter programmes and the support of the many university start-up hubs make it possible to proceed in a structured and focused manner. The mix of "old" and "new economy" offers great potential to learn from each other and benefit from complementary business models.”
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    AdaptionLab: Christoph Janyska, Head of Business Operations
  • Daniel Barke

    Co-Founder and CEO WorkGenius

    “Hamburg has opened the gateway to the world for us. We have been able to develop our business model here in peace. And we have a good ecosystem here.”
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    ©WorkGenius: Daniel Barke
    ©WorkGenius: Daniel Barke
  • Theresa Grotendorst

    Co-Founder & CEO of fobizz

    “We love Hamburg!
    The Hamburg startup scene is friendly and helpful and
    the distances are short. Ideal conditions for a successful startup!”
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    Theresa Grotendorst
    © fobizz
  • Peter Sorowka

    CEO Cybus

    “The Gründerwerft accelerator was our first stop and we are very proud to prove that, in addition to Berlin's well-known startup scene and the many deep-tech locations in southern Germany, there is also the potential to build forward-looking technology companies in our beloved Hanseatic city.”
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    Cybus CEO Peter Sorowka
  • Jennifer Schäfer

    Founder & Managing Director Unmilk

    “Hamburg is an ideal city for founding a startup, because for one thing you can count on the great support and the infrastructure of a large startup community is given - at the same time the scene is familiar and not too anonymous. People know and help each other!”
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    Managing Director of Unmilk Jennifer Schäfer
    © Unmilk
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