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What's new in Hamburg's startup scene? Which must-see events for founders are coming up and who offers startup advice and financing? Read all about this on Startup City Hamburg - your one-stop shop for becoming part of Hamburg’s startup ecosystem and getting your business off the ground.

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© plancraft: the founders Alexander Noll, Julian Wiedenhaus and Richard Keil
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Story | Jul 15, 2024

plancraft digitises the skilled trades

The software from Hamburg-based startup plancraft helps craft businesses to digitalise their processes.
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Hamburg Speicherstadt
  • Julian Wiedenhaus

    Co-Founder & CEO of plancraft

    “Hamburg is simply worth living in, the whole country knows that. For this reason, and thanks to the diversity of industries and universities, there are many motivated young professionals here, which is very important for us. Hamburg has supported us well with expertise and funding [...]. For us, Hamburg is on a par with Berlin or Munich in many aspects!”
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    © plancraft: Julian Wiedenhaus, CEO
    © plancraft: Julian Wiedenhaus, CEO
  • Madeleine von Hohenthal

    Co-Founder of Bracenet

    “Bracenet strives to protect the oceans and reduce plastic waste. Hamburg offers us the perfect environment to further our mission and raise awareness for environmental protection. The proximity to the water and the city's and people's commitment to sustainability fit perfectly with our values and goals.”
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    ©Maximilian Baier: Madeleine von Hohenthal, Co-Founder Bracenet
    ©Maximilian Baier: Madeleine von Hohenthal, Co-Founder Bracenet
  • Sowmya Thyagarajan

    Founder of Foviatech

    “Despite numerous opportunities from other countries, Hamburg has always been attractive due to its international and industrial environment. From an aviation perspective, Hamburg has a very international and industrial character. That's why it's a perfect fit for us. I love the Alster and the Landungsbrücken with a fantastic sunset and beautiful scenery.”
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    © Johannes Arlt/laif: Sowmya Thyagarajan, founder of Foviatech
    © Johannes Arlt/laif: Sowmya Thyagarajan, founder of Foviatech
  • Maik Reder

    Founder & CEO of Annea

    “Hamburg is Germany's wind energy city. Many wind turbine manufacturers and operators are based in Hamburg and the largest wind energy trade fairs and events take place in and around Hamburg. In addition, Hamburg has a constantly growing startup scene and is therefore becoming increasingly attractive for young companies.”
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  • Alena Schneck

    Co-founder of toern

    “The startup ecosystem in Hamburg is very informal. Everyone helps everyone else as long as you ask! We've been based in the beautiful Digital Logistics Hub. In addition to the charm of the Speicherstadt, we benefit from the hub’s ecosystem, which has already enabled us to hold workshops with Tchibo and the Otto Group, for instance, as well as to undertake countless stage appearances.”
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    Alena Schneck, co-founder of toern
  • Elisabeth L'Orange

    Co-Founder of Oxolo

    “We are proud of the AI we are developing and also of bringing a bit of Silicon Valley to Hamburg with Oxolo. We want to push the boundaries of AI research and create innovative solutions for complex problems.”
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    © Oxolo: co-founder Elisabeth L’Orange
    © Oxolo: co-founder Elisabeth L’Orange
  • Nico Hansen

    Founder of Vanozza

    “From my perspective, Hamburg is a melting pot for creative ideas and innovations. The Food Cluster has just been created, which will give the location a further boost. There are also numerous networking platforms and funding programmes - we have benefited greatly from the foodlab accelerator programme and IFB Hamburg's InnoFounder programme.”
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    © Vanozza: founder Nico Hansen
    © Vanozza
  • Philipp Schröder

    Founder and CEO of 1Komma5°

    “Hamburg is much better than its reputation. We have a good environment for our company here and the city has a great atmosphere. That's why we will continue to expand our workforce here.”
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    © Christoph Neumann / 1KOMMA5°: Philipp Schröder, founder and CEO
    © Christoph Neumann / 1KOMMA5°: Philipp Schröder, founder and CEO

Startup City presents Beyond Emotion

Caring for relatives in need, on top of a job and children, is overwhelming for many families. AI can help. Hamburg-based startup Beyond Emotion has developed a tablet whose software can read human facial expressions. It sits like a digital picture frame in a senior's living room, showing them family photos and alerting relatives via an app when help is needed. Co-founder Hanne Butting explained to us how BEJOY-tablet works and what drives her personally to keep developing the system.

Startup City presents Oxolo

It used to be really tough for small e-commerce retailers to get their hands on the money they needed to make product videos. Then along came Oxolo. This startup platform can create films of all kinds in just a few minutes – they’re customised, high-quality and affordable. 

Elisabeth L'Orange, one of the company's founders, is a passionate entrepreneur who has some great insights into what qualities successful founders should have.