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You want to experience the Hamburg startup world? We take you behind the scenes. In our videos, we meet exciting players from the ecosystem and talk about hot topics such as startup financing or funding programmes. Our startup portraits showcase exciting companies from Hamburg. You can also find deeper insights into innovative business ideas from smart Hamburg founders in our stories.

Startup City Hamburg presents Beagle Systems

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present Beagle Systems: They are making any place on earth accessible with a network of long-range BVLOS drones. Their Drone-As-A-Service solution is easy to integrate in existing workflows and can quickly replace ground based transports.

Startup City Hamburg presents UMTRIEBIG

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present UMTRIEBIG: a company builder that brings your impact startup on track. From sharpening the founder's profile, to sustainable business model development, to a sales and marketing concept.

Startup City Hamburg presents Boomerang

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present Boomerang: With reusable shipping packaging for online retail, Boomerang replaces disposable shipping packaging used by online shops to send goods to end consumers. The system is based on an intelligent deposit model and a return logistics system that allows the packaging to be reused up to 50 times.

Startup City Hamburg presents DiConneX

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present DiConneX: DiConneX is a solution provider for building digitisation. They create usable, browser-based building infrastructures in 3D for everyone and optimise operation and management throughout the entire life cycle.

Startup City Hamburg presents 5pectre Optixx

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present 5pectre Optixx: They develop the most compact FTIR spectrometers for the Mid-IR and THz range, covering the bandwidth between 1 um - 300 um (300 THz - 1 THz) without changing the beamsplitter. The founders worked in both: laser industry and science, and know how valuable space is. That is why they aimed to create something small within the engineering process.

Startup City Hamburg presents Future Delivery

Future Delivery is a young startup that wants to make package exchanges between drones possible. They are currently developing a technology to pair two drones together, which will pave the way for in-flight package exchanges.

Startup City Hamburg presents Holy Technologies

Holy Technologies develops recyclable carbon fiber solutions for high-performance applications in Energy, Automotive and Aerospace. The goal is to develop significant technology advancements, that ultimately enable the decarbonisation of the manufacturing sector.

Startup City Hamburg presents suena

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present suena: suena offers an AI-based optimisation and trading platform. Applied to battery storage systems and renewable energies, the platform continuously optimises operations based on forecasting models. They trade energy asset portfolios optimally on the volatile electricity and balancing energy markets and follow the multi-markets approach to maximise profits.

Impact Tour with Planet A

Together with Startup City Hamburg, Tobias Seikel, co-founder of Planet A, embarks on a bicycle tour through the startup impact ecosystem of the city and explores the question of what motivates young founders to make this world a better and cleaner planet.

Impact Startups from Hamburg Part 1

What makes our startup ecosystem so special and vibrant? For sure, it's the people behind the innovative startups here in Hamburg. Get to know seven of them and learn more about their brilliant ideas that led to the founding of their startup - this time in the impact edition!

Impact Startups from Hamburg Part 2

What makes Hamburg the perfect place to found a startup? Is it the spirit of the city itself, is it the strategically well-placed location with its harbour, or can it be something else entirely? Find out what our six founders of green startups in Hamburg love most about the city and why they chose to found their sustainability businesses here.

Impact Startups from Hamburg Part 3

Green ideas to make the world a better place: Meet six startups from Hamburg that are tackling our biggest environmental problems. From Traceless, which produces a biodegradable plastic alternative, to the climate-friendly bicycle trailer from Nuwiel that reduces air pollution in the cities. Discover smart ideas and dedicated companies that are helping to shape change - all founded in Hamburg.

Impact Startups from Hamburg Part 4

What drives founders to develop ideas, to realise them and finally to found a company? Find out what motivates Hamburg startup founders like Anne from traceless or Benjamin from Bracenet to realise their products and services and to grow steadily. Six founders tell us what drives them day by day to get moving with their startups.

Startup City Hamburg presents Spherie

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present Spherie: Spherie is the worldwide first fully unobstructed 360° virtual reality drone. The startup offers a professional drone service specialised in 360° Virtual Reality content including photogrammetry. Spherie captures completely spherical 360° film without filming itself.

Startup City Hamburg presents Vilisto

We took a look behind the scenes of exciting startups and present Vilisto: Vilisto saves companies and public clients up to 32% of heating costs through the use of fully automatic radiator thermostats and thus reduces the CO₂ emissions of non-residential buildings.

Startup City presents Colipi

COLIPI develops unique and CO2-neutral bioprocesses for the production of various oils based on renewable raw materials and thus offers sustainable and economical alternatives to vegetable oils, such as palm oil, for the cosmetics and food industries.

Startup City presents Evitado

Evitado is developing a temporarily installable collision avoidance system to help move large objects, such as transporting an aircraft into a hangar. The system provides advanced collision warnings before an accident occurs, avoiding costly damage and downtime.

Startup City presents KONVOI

KONVOI offers the first preventive and technologically updateable security solution for transport companies to protect against cargo theft, diesel theft and assaults on drivers. This enables haulage companies to effectively manage theft, damage, lack of transparency and inefficiencies in their fleet.

3 Questions for Heidrun Twesten

As CEO of Impacct GmbH, Heidrun Twesten advises startups in the areas of transformation and capital markets and knows how to sell a good business idea. But she is also an investor herself. Here she reveals which topics are particularly important to her.

3 Questions for Robin Kruse

Robin Kruse from the Hamburg Investors Network (HIN) talks about how to bring founders from Hamburg together with private capital and shares exciting insights about the right way to communicate with investors.

3 Questions for Paulo Kalkhake

The Hamburg Senate Chancellery's GovTecHH project is the first port of call for startups that want to collaborate with the administration. Paulo Kalkhake explains how the City of Hamburg is strengthening its collaboration with startups and what innovative solutions are being sought in the public sector.

3 Questions for Julia Kunstmann

Otto Dock 6 is the link between the Otto Group and young startups. They use the venture client approach that aims to establish and scale lasting business relationships between startups and corporates. In this video, Julia Kunstmann, Venture Client Lead at Otto Dock 6, summarises the mission in a nutshell.