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The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) is supporting the Hamburg-based startup Colipi with an increase in EXIST research transfer funding from 2.9 million euros to a total of 4.1 million euros. Colipi produces sustainable alternatives to vegetable oils such as palm oil.

© Colipi: the founders Jonas Heuer, Max Webers, Philipp Arbter and Tyll Utesch
© Colipi: the founders Jonas Heuer, Max Webers, Philipp Arbter and Tyll Utesch

BeYourPilot has accompanied Colipi on its path to success

Colipi relies on fermentation to produce sustainable oils. To do this, the startup uses yeasts that convert sugars from industrial and agricultural waste products, such as molasses or other biomasses. After nitrogen and phosphates in particular are consumed, growth stops and lipids are formed with the remaining excess carbon. These lipids can then be isolated and, depending on the type of yeast, are very similar to many vegetable oils. Normally, CO2 is produced during fermentation. But here, too, the team has found a climate-friendly solution.

The process was presented as part of the "Calls for Transfer" program of the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH). It was then accompanied by BeYourPilot. This program, funded by the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, offers free start-up consulting in the university environment. The founders of Colipi are Jonas Heuer, Maximilian Webers, Philipp Arbter and Tyll Utesch.

"By providing a viable and local alternative to conventional palm oil, Colipi is paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The fact that BeYourPilot was able to successfully accompany the startup on its way to funding shows us how important such support services are, especially at the beginning of startups. I congratulate the founders on their funding and wish them continued success."
Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Senator of the Ministry of Economics and Innovation


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