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Hamburg is entering the next round of the nationwide Startup Factory lighthouse competition. With strong partners, Hamburg is now setting out to establish a startup factory with international appeal. Founders are to be supported in all phases of founding and developing a company in Hamburg.

© UHH/Denstorf: Hamburg University
© UHH/Denstorf: Hamburg University

The final decision on the Startup Factories will be made in 2025

The University of Hamburg, in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Technology and the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), has successfully qualified for the final selection of the lighthouse competition organised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate (BMWK). The consortium is now taking a major step towards the Startup Factory Hamburg, which is pursuing these goals, among others:

  • Significantly increasing the number of science-based startups founded in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

  • Establishing the most successful hub in Europe for startups and scaleups in selected key areas (new materials, AI and data science).

  • The metropolitan region is to become one of the top 10 successful startup ecosystems in Europe.

Startup factories are intended to make the transfer of research to industry even faster and more successful than before, particularly through startups. In order to realise this potential and put it to commercial use, the BMWK has launched the Startup Factories lighthouse competition. Five to ten Startup Factories are to be established throughout Germany as independent and entrepreneurially managed entities in close cooperation with the scientific community. The BMWK is funding this development of structures with up to 10 million euros over five years with at least the same amount coming from private investment. In Hamburg, the Joachim Herz Foundation and Michael Otto Foundation have already made a firm commitment to provide funding totalling 10 million euros.

© Authority for Economics and Innovation: Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics and Innovation
“Startups challenge large companies and existing markets and contribute to the development of innovations. They can therefore play an important role in the development of competitiveness. With the Startup Factory Hamburg, we are developing a flagship programme for founders that will significantly strengthen Hamburg and the metropolitan region as a whole.”
Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics and Innovation


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