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traceless materials, a circular bioeconomy startup

Traceless materials

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Business model: B2B Established: 2020 Employees: 48


  • Food
  • Energy
  • new-materials
  • Impact
  • In-Store Retail & Restaurant Tech

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We are a circular bioeconomy startup offering an advanced natural material alternative to plastics and bioplastics. Using our innovative patent-pending technology, we use food production residues to produce materials that are 100% bio-circular and designed considering all impact indicators, so that they truly leave no trace.

About the founders of traceless
traceless was founded in 2020 by a female founding duo: Anne Lamp has a PhD in process engineering, and as the inventor of traceless’ technology, she leads our technical team. Johanna Baare complements the business & strategy development expertise and has experience in scaling-up early stage ventures.

Milestones and plans
After successfully raising a seed-investment, besides many other awards we have won a major EU-Funding in 2021. Furthermore, we have built our first pilot plant, where we are now producing our materials. Our multidisciplinary team of currently 21 people every day works on our mission: Making the biggest possible positive impact on the environment by replacing as many plastics as possible with our sustainable alternative soon – for a future free of pollution and waste!

traceless materials, the founders Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare
©traceless Materials

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Traceless materials

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