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There are more female founders in Hamburg. The share of women in newly founded ventures was 28 percent in 2021, around three percentage points more than in 2019.  These and other figures, for example where and in which sectors most startups are founded in Hamburg, have been compiled by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, together with the Statistical Office North, in the current startup barometer.


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Driver for new business ideas

The startup barometer allows the chamber to analyse startup activity in the Hanseatic City every year. Year after year, founders in Hamburg strive for commercial self-employment. The pandemic has also driven new business ideas as many people were furloughed. This involuntary part-time work freed up time, but brought financial bottlenecks and prompted many employees to rethink their future and to consider self-employment as a perspective. By far the most popular sector for new business startups remains trade, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

"Being more flexible in terms of time and becoming more independent from the employer are often additional motivations for self-employment. In addition to the classic startup cases, the Corona crisis has also given rise to innovative business ideas"
Niels Pirck, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Sideline startups are a growing trend (2021: 7,482 = 42.5 per cent of all start-ups). These startups often occur out of salaried employment, but without giving up the job itself.  "This kind of startup has many advantages. You can try out your business idea on the market for the first time and still have the security of a monthly income," said Pirck.

However, 10,626 business deregistrations occurred in Hamburg last year or 3,300 fewer than in 2019, despite the pandemic. This may be due to the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency by late April 2021 as well as the numerous emergency and bridging aids provided by the federal government and the City of Hamburg.

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