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Mobility and logistics, that's what this year's Startup Champs are all about. The pitch competition, organised by the cities of Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Munich, is intended to offer young founders a stage to present their innovative and technology-based solutions for a better future. Who enters the final will be determined by a public vote in which everyone can now take part.

But it is not only about attention. Participating startups from each region can win tickets to some of the most important trade fairs in their field of business. Those who achieve the title of regional champ get to pitch their startup at the Startup Champs collective stand at SLUSH 2022 in Helsinki, where they pitch to investors at a side event. In addition, the regional champions have the opportunity to go on a trip to the USA. They get the participation fee for the SXSW 2023 pitching in Austin, Texas, and can attend the Future of Mobility Congress in Chicago for free.

Those who convince not only in their region but on a national level will win even more. The champ of the competition also gets tickets to SLUSH 2022 and SXSW 2023, but in Texas the winners get to attend the Invitation Only networking event with investors in addition. In addition, they will receive two free tickets to the IFA in Berlin and a get-together with Heise Medien. Of course, the champs will also receive tickets for the Future of Mobility and a travel expense supplement of €1000.

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Public voting for the winners

Which startups will be invited to pitch their ideas at the final on 23 June in Hamburg will be decided in an online vote. The special thing about it: The voting is completely public. So anyone can take part. The aim of the format is to offer a deeper insight behind the scenes of the start-up world.

Those who would like to cast their vote still have time until 17 June at 2 pm. Voting takes place via the corresponding website. The rule is that only one vote can be cast at a time. Afterwards, the votes will be counted and the three most popular startups from each region will then compete against each other on 23 June 2022 at a nationwide live-streamed event in Hamburg. They will present their business ideas to a top-class jury of experts, who will then choose Germany's "Startup Champ 2022" and also award the regional winners.

The event, which was jointly initiated by the four cities, is intended to send a strong signal to Germany's startup scene. With the cooperation, which also includes other projects such as the #FemupStartups initiative, the four startup hotspots want to lay an important foundation stone to further advance Germany as a startup location and increase the visibility of German startups nationally and internationally.

Out of the 31 participating startups from all over Germany, 8 Hanseatics are taking part. Here is a brief introduction to the participants from Hamburg:

Boomerang Logo


The small startup, which was only founded this year, may only have four employees, but it has big plans. Boomerang offers reusable shipping packaging for online trade that can be reused up to 50 times. The startup also operates an intelligent deposit and IT system. Their stated goal is to use it to reduce packaging waste and CO2.

Konvoi Logo


Konvoi promises to detect dangers to truck loads before damage is done to the vehicle. With modified radar sensors, cargo theft is to be detected and countermeasures are to be initiated automatically. In doing so, the startup hopes to prevent the loss of goods and thus delays in delivery, production stoppages, failure rates or even the loss of customers for transport companies.

mysupply Logo


With 17 employees, Mysupply is the largest participating Hamburg-based startup. The company says of themselves "Our vision is to revolutionise the procurement process". The stated goal is to offer customers an easier and better sourcing experience with the use of an automated system.

PRIOjet Logistics Logo
©PRIOjet Logistics

PRIOjet Logistics

On-board couriers transport all sorts of things around the world. From urgently needed replacement parts for machines to medical documents, couriers fly everything around the world that is vital at that particular moment. Nevertheless, for a long time there was no platform to handle these services. Priojet Logistics is addressing this gap in the market. In addition, the start-up offers its customers to calculate and compensate for the resulting CO2 footprint.



Transport companies could save costs and CO2 if their trucks always used the right tyres. To make this easier, CO2OPT offers transportation companies an AI that automatically determines the optimal tyres for the individual application profiles of trucks.

nextOrange Logo


The agile management consultancy for digitalisation and sustainable leadership culture consists of just two employees and specialises in networking mobility, transport and infrastructure. The vision of nextOrange is to create a liveable environment that intelligently connects all actors.

Shipzero Logo


CO2 emissions can only be reduced if we know where they are generated. To better track this, shipzero has engaged companies to manage their data flow and actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by identifying the optimal transport modes, the most efficient service providers and the most effective use of decarbonisation budgets.

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©Evitado Technologies

Evitado Technologies

To make airports even more efficient and safe, Evitado Technologies is working to automate them. All by themselves, the startup's sensor-controlled robots pull planes across the tarmac, preventing collisions that could cause millions of dollars in damage.

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