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The mobility of the future has already begun. NÜWIEL, Clean Logistics and Wunder Mobility are three innovative startups from Hamburg which are focusing on new concepts to free cities from traffic jams and enable fast, efficient and sustainable mobility.

© NÜWIEL: the team
© NÜWIEL: the team


NÜWIEL is a Hamburg-based startup founded by Natalia Tomiyama and Fahad Khan. With the aim of freeing cities from noise and air pollution, the company has developed a battery-powered bicycle trailer to transport heavy goods in cities. Thus, a sustainable, effective and flexible transport of goods is to be made possible. The e-trailer is already being used by companies such as Ikea and UPS and is currently limited to the B2B sector. The startup's next big goal is to make it possible for private users to use the NÜWIEL trailers. The startup has already received several awards, including the Gunnar Uldall Business Award, and funding from the European Innovation Council.

© Paul Schimweg: Dirk Graszt, CEO of Clean Logistics
© Paul Schimweg: Dirk Graszt, CEO of Clean Logistics

Clean Logistics

Founded in 2019, Clean Logistics is a company that aims to drive the conversion of trucks to hydrogen propulsion. Founders Dirk Graszt and Dirk Lehmann have started converting heavy-duty trucks to the sustainable fuel in the Winsen/Luhe industrial park. The company's vehicle conversions, which follow the principle of a circular economy, completely eliminate the CO2 emissions needed to produce a new vehicle. In the meantime, Clean Logistics is a listed company that is represented at several locations: in Winsen, Hamburg and Braunschweig.

© Wunder Mobility: the team
© Wunder Mobility: the team

Wunder Mobility

Wunder Mobility is the world's leading provider of software and hardware for scooter, bike, moped and car sharing, founded in 2014. The company offers a flexible customizable software solution complemented by a sharing-enabled vehicle programme. The company operates in over 200 cities across five continents, enabling millions of rides every month. Wunder Mobility also supports the business of well-known brands such as felyx, emmy and GreenMobility. A few months ago, the startup received 12 million euros in a funding round and plans to continue making large investments in their software and customer service in the coming years.


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