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February 28, 2023

Beagle Systems: 2 million euros and new cooperation

To expand its on-demand aerial imaging service using autonomous drones, Hamburg-based startup Beagle Systems received a 1.4 million euros investment back in December 2022. The round was led by aviation entrepreneur Nikolaus Gormsen, and other business angels were involved. An additional 595,000 euros in funding will flow in 2023.

© Romanus Fuhrmann: the founders of Beagle Systems, Oliver Lichtenstein, Mitja Wittelsheim and Jerry Tang
© Romanus Fuhrmann: the founders of Beagle Systems, Oliver Lichtenstein, Mitja Wittelsheim and Jerry Tang

Beagle Systems wants to expand its network

The funding comes from the "USIN5G" (Usage Scenarios for Innovation Networks in 5G) project, the "PROFI" (Program for Innovation) program of the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB), and the federal government's research grant. Founded in 2019 by Oliver Lichtenstein, Mitja Wittelsheim and Jerry Tang, the startup Beagle Systems offers aerial imagery data with 50 times higher resolution than commercially available satellite data to its customers in sectors such as agriculture, power grid or infrastructure. Using a network of autonomous long-range drones, this can be delivered with a lead time of just a few hours. The fresh money will be used to expand the team and network.

The startup also announced a cooperation with SuperVision Earth, a Darmstadt-based company specializing in satellite monitoring, to expand its aerial imaging service. Aerial imagery and data collected by Beagle Systems will now be integrated into SuperVision Earth's offering to provide even more comprehensive and detailed coverage. The combination of satellite and aerial imagery allows customers to obtain a daily updated image of the erarth's surface and supplement it with high-resolution imagery on the ground as needed.

"We are excited to partner with SuperVision Earth and offer this enhanced service to our joint customers. By combining drone and satellite data, we can now provide even more comprehensive insights into critical infrastructure."
Oliver Lichtenstein, CEO of Beagle Systems


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