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August 24, 2022

recyclehero announces partnership with 2nd Fit to reuse clothes

The Hamburg-based impact startup recyclehero announces a partnership with the secondhand and vintage kilo shop 2nd Fit on Schulterblatt. In the future, the clothes collected by the pick-up service will go to the second-hand shop for sorting and resale.

Emilio von recylclehero auf einem E-Lastenrad
©Sabrina Raab | recyclehero

This is intended to address the problem of overproduction of clothes. Since last year, recyclehero has also been collecting old clothes from its customers, in addition to old glass, old paper and deposits. The 4 tonnes of old clothes that the collection service says it collects each month with its electric cargo bikes will in the future be delivered to 2nd Fit. There, the employees of the second-hand and vintage kilo shop sort the delivered textiles and put them back on sale. Until now, recyclehero had done this sorting itself, but sees the cooperation with 2nd Fit as a more ecological solution.

"With 2nd Fit we have found the ideal partner. A family business with many years of expertise in the textile sector and the same values as us. For example, we both strive to keep the routes of textiles short and are committed to ensuring that the collected clothing is put to use again in Hamburg. For us, this means above all that we can concentrate on our core business, the collection."
Samir Schulz-Meinen, COO of recyclehero
Second hand Cloths in a store
Used clothes back in the store ©Unsplash

A second life for clothes

What recyclehero collects from its customers is then sorted at 2nd Fit and becomes part of the shop's "3-week principle". During the first two weeks on sale, clothes can be purchased at a price per kilo that decreases daily. On the first day, a Friday, the kilo costs 42€. At the end, there is a so-called flea market week, on the last day of which, a Thursday, the customers can decide for themselves what they want to pay for the clothes.

"Our goal is to have all the hangers empty by the end of the third week," explains Sabahattin Urlu, co-founder of 2nd Fit. Half of the proceeds from the last day go to social projects.


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