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Startup consultations help people find their way into self-employment and turn an innovative idea into a successful business. No wonder, then, that demand for advice among potential entrepreneurs remains high. The Startup Unit is the main point of contact for all queries about startup offers in Hamburg and has confirmed this trend and noted a year-on-year increase in startup consultations.

© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian O. Bruch / laif
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian O. Bruch / laif

Startup advisors help prospective entrepreneurs improve their business idea and business model, to draft a business plan, find funding opportunities or to meet with investors. Dr Andrea Otto has worked as a startup advisor for science and technology-oriented startups at beyourpilot for over eight years and has supported many startups including Suena and Beagle Systems and other projects.

Last summer, Otto concluded her work as a consultant and has since retired. In an interview with beyourpilot, she reveals more about her work as a startup consultant, her personal highlights, the challenges faced and the essentials of co-operation between founders and consultants.

"As a startup advisor, I always dealt with the teams openly and honestly, spoke plainly and sometimes challenged them a lot, but at the same time always gave constructive explanations, hints and advice. […] In general, I can say that the co-operation with the teams was always characterised by open and constructive mutual communication, trust and a sense of responsibility. I enjoyed that very much and it strengthened our co-operation!"
Dr Andrea Otto, former startup consultant at beyourpilot


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