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In November, IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH once again included several startups in its funding programs. We briefly introduce the three newcomers StockRepublic, Softwaregini and United Arts Arena in this article.

© StockRepublic: Managing Director Maximilian Knopp
© StockRepublic: Managing Director Maximilian Knopp

StockRepublic focuses on social trading

The fintech StockRepublic originally comes from Sweden. Now it also has a branch in Hamburg and thus qualifies for funding through the InnoFintech program. StockRepublic focuses on social trading, which is becoming increasingly popular. In social trading, users exchange information about developments on the financial markets and provide investment tips. StockRepublic now provides software solutions with which financial institutions can make corresponding offers to their customers. This is expected to lead to significant increases in sales and new customer acquisition.

© Softwaregini: the founders Michael Stedler, Johannes Bock and David Mente
© Softwaregini: the founders Michael Stedler, Johannes Bock and David Mente

Softwaregini is a marketplace for business software

One of the most famous oriental fairy tales is the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp. There, a good spirit plays an important role, a djinni. This term is reflected in the name of the startup that has just received funding from the InnoFounder program: Softwaregini. The founders of Softwaregini thus define themselves as good spirits, so to speak, who want to make digitization accessible to all via a marketplace for enterprise software. The offer is particularly attractive for customers with a tight budget, as it is free of charge. The startup earns money from software providers who pay for advertising traffic and leads.

© Together We Grow GmbH
© Together We Grow GmbH

United Arts Arena combines art and sports

Digital artwork, created as NFTs in a blockchain, has been one of the hottest trends in recent years, generating millions in revenue. United Arts Arena (UAA), also InnoFounder-funded, is turning it into a sport of sorts. Creative teams from around the world enter a mixed reality arena to create unique works of art in front of an online audience and a jury, which are then auctioned off as NFTs. The artists have 30 minutes to do so. With these events, UAA wants to build a cross-border network for creatives. The startup also aims to act in a climate-positive way, which is anything but self-evident in the energy-intensive blockchain world.


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