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October 20, 2022

These four Hamburg startups are going to the Web Summit 2022

The Web Summit in Lisbon, which takes place this year from November 1 to 4, is considered to be one of the most important startup events in the world. Over 70,000 participants from more than 160 countries are expected. Supported by the Startup-Unit of Hamburg Invest, four Hamburg startups will be able to present themselves at the German joint stand and make valuable contacts. We introduce the four of them briefly here.

© Tracifier: the Founders Mina Kordi and Jako Kordi
© Tracifier: the Founders Mina Kordi and Jako Kordi

Tracifier makes supply chains transparent

Where does food come from, who produced it, which delivery routes did it take and when did it finally arrive in the supermarkets? Tracifier knows the answers. Tracifier provides a blockchain-based software application used for certificate verification of food and consumer goods, supporting accuracy and transparency of customer claims with product monitoring and verification. The solution covers the entire value chain, from the early stages of manufacturing to sampling products for quality assurance, testing in laboratories, and monitoring and auditing the process of delivering goods to end consumers.

Adaption Lab Team talking to each other
The AdaptionLab founders team ©AdaptionLab

AdaptionLab builds smart office furniture

Many people have steady jobs but no longer have a fixed workstation. Desk sharing increases flexibility but makes office furniture adapted to individual needs impossible if a different person sits at one place every day. The Hamburg-based startup AdaptionLab is now solving this problem with smart office furniture. Users can program their personal preferences once, and with one click the furniture adjusts to the desired position. This is supplemented by a space booking system and an app-based ergonomics advisor for the initial settings. In this way, AdaptionLab's office concept allows space efficiency to be combined with user-friendliness and ergonomics to reduce mental or physical stress for users.

© CO2OPT: Siddhant Tibrewal, Benjamin Bartsch and Frank Seeger of CO2OPT.
© CO2OPT: Siddhant Tibrewal, Benjamin Bartsch and Frank Seeger of CO2OPT.

CO2OPT knows the most climate-friendly tires

When it comes to climate protection, every detail matters and tires play a bigger role than you think.  CO2OPT knows this and offers a platform that works with artificial intelligence to show transport companies potential savings in fuel and CO2 emissions through optimized tire selection. In the next step, they can then order the appropriate tires directly from the relevant suppliers with just one click. CO2OPT uses a wide range of information for the objective assessment, including telematics data from the vehicles and specifications of the various tire types.

© PARSER: the founders Niklas Carsten and Alexander Kaiser
© PARSER: the founders Niklas Carsten and Alexander Kaiser

PARSER simplifies data processing

"Data is the new gold" is one of the buzzwords of the age of digitalization. Just like the precious metal, truly valuable data is often hard to find and even harder to process in a meaningful way. The startup PARSER has developed software that brings together data from all relevant sources, from social media as well as from internal resources. In the next step, this data is then processed and finally made available to the business units that need it. The goal is to make it easier for companies to do their work and to make the handling of data more transparent and secure.


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