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From 30 November to 1 December, Helsinki will once again become the hub of the startup world with Slush. Hamburg can be found at the joint "Startup Champs" stand and is travelling to Helsinki with the startups dpv-analytics, Planteneers, Beagle Systems and Evitado.

© Arne Weychardt Fotografie: the Team of dpv-analytics
© Arne Weychardt Fotografie: the Team of dpv-analytics

dpv-analytics as "Startup Champs" winner

Startups-Champs is a competition, in which the four largest cities in Germany join forces: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. At the final in June 2023, the Munich startup deepeye came out on top in the overall standings, while dpv-analytics won for Hamburg and thus secured its ticket to the slush. The startup, which emerged from Cardiologicum Hamburg in 2018, has developed a solution to simplify heart attack and stroke prevention: ritmo is a new type of mini-ECG system, that is set to replace the previous long-term ECG in the future.

© Romanus Fuhrmann: the founders of Beagle Systems: Oliver Lichtenstein, Mitja Wittelsheim and Jerry Tang
© Romanus Fuhrmann: the founders of Beagle Systems: Oliver Lichtenstein, Mitja Wittelsheim and Jerry Tang

Planteneers, Beagle Systems and Evitado

Thanks to Hamburg Invest's Startup-Unit, three more startups will be able to showcase their products at Slush, which, according to the organisers, is the event with the strongest focus on founders in the world. Planteneers is a company from the food industry, that has developed Plantbaser, a digital configurator for vegan products. However, the service goes beyond the mere development of ideas; the startup also translates these into concrete production processes and is equipped with state-of-the-art machines for this purpose.

At Beagle Systems, the business model is "Drone-as-a-Service". To this end, the startup has set up a network through which, in principle, any place in the world can be reached with drones. This is controlled from Hamburg and the areas of application range from agriculture and checking power lines to providing assistance in the event of forest fires and other disasters. Evitado is also involved in aviation, although its service remains on the ground. There is a risk of collision for aircraft when manoeuvring, for which the startup has developed a sensor-based warning system.


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