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If you want to ignite the turbo in the startup world, you need a good network. It is often said that female founders have a harder time because men are usually better connected. But there are a lot of networking opportunities that are tailored to the needs of women. This article gives you an overview.

© Digital Media Women

Two networks with tradition

The Digital Media Women have done some real pioneering work. This non-profit association was founded back in 2010, now has ten quarters throughout Germany and well over 30,000 community members. The main goal was and is to give women from the digital industry more visibility.

The fact that networks for women are not a 21st century invention is proven by the Business and Professional Women (BPW) association, which is active in more than 100 countries. Its origins can be traced back to 1930. In Germany, there are 27 regional clubs, including one in Hamburg, which regularly holds online and offline events for women in all industries.

© moinworld: at a networking event in Hamburg
© moinworld: at a networking event in Hamburg

For women in tech and career-minded mothers

Also active worldwide, but with a focus on IT professions, are the Women Techmakers. Hamburg-based moinworld is also part of this network. The tech community supports women in the IT industry with workshops, programming courses, networking events and mentoring.

There are several offerings for women who want to advance their careers as mothers. One network specifically for Hamburg is BusinessMoms, which cooperates with Soloheldinnen, which targets self-employed women. MomPreneurs, which wants to show that motherhood and entrepreneurship can be perfectly combined, operates nationwide.

© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: the semifinal of Female StartAperitivo 2022 at eeden
© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: the semifinal of Female StartAperitivo 2022 at eeden

Hamburg has female founders much more to offer

Another network for women from the Hamburg metropolitan region is the WOMEN'S BusinessLounge. The #Frauenmacht initiative originated in Hamburg in 2017, but has since shifted its focus of action to Berlin. Most networks are organized decentrally and have no fixed location. This is different with eeden, which is not only an association, but also, according to its own definition, a feminist co-creation space.

hei., the Hamburg ExistenzGründungsInitiative, is basically there for everyone who is concerned with the topic of self-employment. With hei.gründerinnen there is however also a network, which addresses itself exclusively to women. The proTechnicale initiative, which introduces girls to the STEM subjects that are so important for the startup world, takes care of potential young female founders. Finally, a few tips for events that are excellent for networking (not only) for women. On March 30, the finale of the STARTERiN Hamburg 2023 female startup competition will take place at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. A nationwide competition with roots in Hamburg is Female StartAperitivo. The semifinals for Hamburg will take place on June 14, and the all-important pitch on July 6.


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