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Inclusion was a dominant theme at Business & Health Day 2023. Here, a number of startups and initiatives showed solutions for a healthier, more social and more diverse work environment. The event was organised by the social entrepreneurial organisation 105 VIERTEL, the health insurance company Die Techniker and Hamburg Invest.

© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: live podcast at the Business & Health Day 2023
© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: live podcast at the Business & Health Day 2023

Inclusion has many facets

Keynotes, workshops, panels, info booths and plenty of time and space for intensive networking - the Business & Health Day 2023 at the Grüner Jäger in St. Pauli offered a comprehensive program around the topics of health and the modern working world. In a live podcast, the focus was on inclusion and where it is still lacking. Lioba Jarju, one of the founders of Black Female Business, talked about her experiences with racism and sexism in the workplace and how she wants to offer Black people more visibility and a safe place with her network. The Notfallmamas (Emergency Moms) step in when a child gets sick and the parents are busy at work. And Dialoghaus Hamburg is engaged to ensure that people with disabilities, such as the hearing impaired, find the place they deserve in the world of work.

© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: the team of
© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: the team of "Alles in Ordnung"

Overcoming barriers, also in people's minds

To enable more inclusion, barriers need to be overcome, not least in people's minds. A change of perspective can help. This is made possible, for example, by the young company StattTour, which offers city tours in wheelchairs for people without disabilities. During a pitch session, a remarkable project by and for wheelchair users called "Alles in Ordnung" was presented. The original idea was a store with clothing for people with disabilities that is more colorful and fashionable than the common offerings. The team is now thinking even bigger and would like to open Hamburg's first barrier-free coworking space, preferably in the HafenCity.

© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: Maximiliane Kugler of Fabel
© Mathias Jäger/Hamburg Startups: Maximiliane Kugler of Fabel

Apps and VR for better health

In addition to Alles in Ordnung, five other startups presented themselves at the pitch. Fabel helps relatives of people in need of care to manage their tasks with an app. 21done supports employees in companies in developing their potential also with an app. And another offer via app: AllyWell provides psychological coaching for families with small and large everyday problems. Famcons still conducts its psychotherapy sessions in person, but additionally uses elements of virtual reality (VR) to treat trauma with avatars. PatientZero Games also relies on VR and has already programmed a number of applications, starting with a virtual emergency room.

Conclusion: Business & Health Day 2023 offered plenty important food for thought and presented a number of startups and projects from which much more can be expected.


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