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In a recently published strategy paper, the German government emphasizes the growing importance of startups for business, science and society. To strengthen the position of startups in Germany and Europe, a catalog of measures was defined and summarized in ten fields of action. Linked to this is the announcement that these measures will be implemented within the current legislative period. We provide an overview.

© A.Savin, WikiCommons: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz in Berlin
© A.Savin, WikiCommons: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz in Berlin

The ten fields of action in the strategy paper

  1. Strengthen financing for startups

  2. Make it easier for startups to attract talent - make employee capital participation more attractive

  3. Sparking the startup spirit - making foundings easier and more digital

  4. Strengthen female startup founders and diversity in startups

  5. Facilitate startup spin-offs from the scientific community

  6. Improve the framework conditions for public-interest startups

  7. Mobilize startup competencies for public contracts

  8. Make it easier for startups to access data

  9. Strengthen real laboratories - facilitate access for startups

  10. Put startups at the center

“Startups are the engine for growth and employment in an economy. New ideas, products, services and business models modernize the economic structure and create new jobs. Startups promote competition and the innovative capacity of the economy keep the social market economy fit. I am very pleased that the German government is giving this issue high priority. With our startup strategy, we in Hamburg are well on the way to expanding our know-how at the location in a variety of ways and securing competitive advantages.”
Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economic Affairs of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg

For each of the fields of action, the strategy paper lists a number of sub-items, some of which contain declarations of intent, while others already contain concrete resolutions. One measure on financing startups is particularly eye-catching:

"With the Future Fund and its individual modules, the German government supports innovative technology-oriented startups in their growth phase and provides 10 billion euros in public funding for this purpose from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) over an investment period until 2030. Together with private investors, it aims to mobilize 30 billion euros in private and public capital for Germany as a venture capital location during this period."

You can download the whole paper here.


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