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March 13, 2023

These are the candidates for STARTERiN Hamburg 2023

The audience has decided which startups and their founders will participate in the female founders competition STARTERiN Hamburg 2023 on March 30 at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Among them are fabel, Mom Hunting, CityCaddy, Womatics, Black Female Business and NOBODYTOLDME, which we briefly introduce in this article.

Category Tech: fabel and Mom Hunting

The prize is awarded in three categories, for each of which two female founders or teams are qualified. In the "Tech" category, Maximiliane Tetzlaff and Alicia Faridi are among them. They are the founders of fabel and are developing an app that supports people in caring for their relatives and structures everyday planning. They have already received funding for their idea from the InnoFounder program of IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH.

With Mom Hunting, Virginia Thrun and Nadine Schneider want to show that career and family can be very well combined for women and that employers also benefit from this. On the platform, mothers create a profile in which they list both their professional qualities and their wishes for companies, and these can then apply. Reverse recruiting is the name of the game.

Category Commerce: CityCaddy and Womatics

At over 70 years old, Elke Jensen is the oldest participant at STARTERiN Hamburg 2023. With the CityCaddy, she has developed a product that arose from a personal need, but also appeals to a broad target group. Her CityCaddy is a shopping trolley that combines functionality with beautiful design, while also being a more elegant alternative to a walking aid.

Thea Broszio is a mother of three and has always had to deal with breast pain while breastfeeding. There are old home remedies for this, but they are not particularly practical and not always effective. So she developed Mama Cooling Gel, a cream that provides relief. Her startup Womatics has even been featured on the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen".

Category Impact: Black Female Business and NOBODYTOLDME

Often, targeted networking is an important key to success in the startup world. A network specifically for Black women is Black Female Business by Lioba Jarju & Mariam Guede. Among the services offered are online events and coaching sessions to get fit for the business world.

For every woman, menopause is a natural part of life. Nevertheless, far too little is known about the topic. With her platform NOBODYTOLDME, founder Susanne Liedtke wants to change that. She offers courses, recipes and lots of tips to make this phase as uncomplicated as possible for women. According to the motto: "Don't menopause like your mother!"


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