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January 31, 2023

These 3 startups are changing the funeral industry

Funerals are a very sensitive and personal topic. They can be a parting point for mourners and provide comfort, but they can also mean a lot of stress. We present three startups that simplify funerals as well as the handling of estates, leaving more time for what is important.

© Emmora: the founders Evgeniya Polo and Victoria Dietrich
© Emmora: the founders Evgeniya Polo and Victoria Dietrich

Emmora facilitates the planning of funerals and memorial services

With the startup Emmora, the founders Evgeniya Polo and Victoria Dietrich want to make the farewell process after a death easier and at the same time deal with the taboo subject of death in an empathetic way. To this end, they have developed a digital platform on which relatives can obtain information about different types of funerals and even organize the funeral and memorial service. Whether it's about funeral speakers, florists or even grief counseling, the platform offers a place to go to find different service providers. In addition, there is the option to plan one's own farewell, including a retirement plan and cost breakdown. In this way, Emmora enables a self-determined and dignified farewell.

© Pacemo: the founders Lennarth Guth and Timm Wienberg
© Pacemo: the founders Lennarth Guth and Timm Wienberg

Pacemo brings digitization to the funeral industry

The startup Pacemo has developed software that enables funeral homes to work more digitally and thus more efficiently and future-oriented. The software enables funeral directors to manage documents, invoices and pension contracts, as well as how to create funeral prints and invitations to the funeral service. The founders Timm Wienberg and Lennart Guth want to simplify the administrative activities of the industry through the cloud-based software solution and have already won over 140 funeral homes with the B2B product. Pacemo can be used on all end devices and flexibly everywhere. This leaves more time for personal consultation.

© HYLI: founder Helen Hagge
© HYLI: founder Helen Hagge

HYLI is the digital platform for precaution and inheritance

The startup HYLI focuses on self-determination, as the digital platform aims to make precaution issues and estate management more accessible. With her startup, founder Helen Hagge wants to encourage people to take care of precautionary documents and estate planning earlier, on the one hand to be able to make these decisions themselves and on the other hand to relieve their relatives. From living wills to business powers of attorney, all important documents can be created online. Funeral planning is also possible online. In addition, a wish list encourages people to realize their life's dreams so that, despite all the seriousness, the beautiful moments are not neglected.


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