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From 13 to 19 November, the Female Entrepreneurship Week 2023 takes place in Hamburg to encourage more women to found companies. There is still a lot of catching up to do, especially when it comes to tech startups, but there are also some good role models. We present three of them: Foviatech, Tracifier and DyssolTEC.

© Johannes Arlt/laif: Sowmya Thyagarajan, founder of Foviatech
© Johannes Arlt/laif: Sowmya Thyagarajan, founder of Foviatech


Founded in 2018 by aviation technologist Sowmya Thyagarajan, the startup Foviatech is a driver of technological innovation in several respects. For example, it uses the two-dimensional, carbon-based material graphene, which can be used for aerospace components, among other things, but also in the healthcare sector. Artificial intelligence is also used in product development. With this combination of hardware and software, Foviatech promises its customers high quality at favourable prices.

© Loris di Minico: Mina Kordi, CEO of Tracifier
© Loris di Minico: Mina Kordi, CEO of Tracifier


Transparency regarding the origin of goods and products is becoming increasingly relevant. Where do raw materials come from and under what conditions are they traded? How does the supply chain work? These and similar questions are answered by the startup Tracifier, founded by Mina Kordi (CEO) and Jako Kordi (COO). It relies on blockchain technology and helps companies to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 12, which sets out rules for longevity and environmental compatibility in consumption and production.

© DyssolTEC: Sophia Rothberg, co-founder
© DyssolTEC: Sophia Rothberg, co-founder


DyssolTEC helps companies to optimise their production processes without the need for costly production stops. This is achieved with software for simulating solid matter processes. Due to their complexity, these were previously considered to be inadequately mappable in digital form. The startup emerged from a research project at the TU Hamburg back in 2013. The founding team includes Sophia Rothberg, who studied bioprocess engineering.


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