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January 26, 2023

3 startups that use artificial intelligence

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is currently on everyone's lips again thanks to the launch of the chatbot ChatGPT. Many startups from various industries are already using AI to work more effectively or to find new solutions. Today we introduce aiconix, OnlineDoctor and CLOUDSUPPLIES.

© Morris McMatzen: Eugen L. Gross, founder of aiconix
© Morris McMatzen: Eugen L. Gross, founder of aiconix

aiconix offers the right AI solution for any content

The Hamburg-based startup aiconix deals with subtitling, transcription and other speech-to-text applications. The startup had its origins in the field of analyzing behavioral patterns when viewing moving images, such as advertising films. Founder Eugen L. Gross was able to achieve a place in the Next Media Accelerator and funding from the EXIST program with this idea in 2017. After some internal changes, aiconix has now focused on speech-to-text applications. The startup offers its own Transcribe app, which can transcribe and translate audio and video files in SLACK. Furthermore, aiconix has developed the aigine platform. It aims to facilitate access to the best AI solutions on the market when it comes to processing text, image, audio, or video content. Currently, aiconix is also involved in a funded EU project to improve the automatic recognition of Austrian dialects in audiovisual media.

© OnlineDoctor: the founders Dr. Philipp S. F. Wustrow, Dr. Paul Scheidegger and Dr. Tobias Wolf
© OnlineDoctor: the founders Dr. Philipp S. F. Wustrow, Dr. Paul Scheidegger and Dr. Tobias Wolf

OnlineDoctor provides fast help for skin diseases

The startup OnlineDoctor provides quick relief when it comes to skin problems. The company was founded in 2016 by dermatologist Dr. Paul Scheidegger and the two health business experts Dr. Tobias Wolf and Dr. Philipp S. F. Wustrow in Switzerland. Since 2019, OnlineDoctor 24 GmbH has been operating from its Hamburg location and is an exclusive partner of the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD). In 2022, OnlineDoctor also acquired the startup A.S.S.I.S.T, the leading developer for AI in the field of dermatology. The AI startup is developing a prototype with diagnostic accuracy of over 85 percent for 30 different skin conditions. In the future, the AI will provide a second opinion based on data from the specialist network. This will further improve diagnostic accuracy and patient care in teledermatology.

© CLOUDSUPPLIES: the founders Thomas Müller and Olaf Schaefers
© CLOUDSUPPLIES: the founders Thomas Müller and Olaf Schaefers

CLOUDSUPPLIES leaves boring routine work to AI

The shortage of personnel is already noticeable in many areas, and IT specialists in particular are in high demand. CLOUDSUPPLIES founders Thomas Müller and Olaf Schaefers also became acutely aware of the problem of the shortage of skilled workers when they were still colleagues at an IT service provider. To fill the staffing gaps, the two developed the AI MILTON, which can take over routine tasks and repetitive processes. By automating tedious and boring tasks, employees have more time and capacity for more important and challenging projects. MILTON stands for Modular Intelligent and Learning Technology for Operation Needs. After just 90 days, MILTON can automate over 30% of daily IT jobs and reduce IT's manual efforts accordingly.


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