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bulb: The brand for startups
ahead with a tailwind

Become more visible and attractive to startups as a traditional business association? Offer founders services they can't find elsewhere? Integrate them into a large network so that they meet the right contacts at the right time? "Challenge accepted!" is what a young project team said to themselves and founded bulb - the new startup brand under the umbrella of the AGA Unternehmensverband.

The full programme

In order to turn innovative ideas into a successful business, startups need one thing above all: uncomplicated support that takes them a decisive step further and relieves them in the right place. This is exactly where the new brand comes in: bulb is aimed at founders from all sectors and opens up the full range of AGA services to startups throughout Germany. As part of the bulb community, startups benefit, for example, from "flat-rate advice" on labour and social security issues. Every concern - from brief information on the phone to legal representation in court - is covered.

Want to find out more about bulb? Take a look at or send an email directly to the bulb team:

Team of bulb - Startups
© bulb: Ronja, Lorenz, Lina and Christian

Profile provided by bulb.

Support Programmes

  • Networking


    Provided by: bulb
    Bulb offers a strong network with services and offers that are practical and really relevant for founders - such as matchings or advice on employment law.
    • Orientation Stage
    • Planning Stage
    • Founding Stage
    • Build-up Phase
    • Maturity Stage
    • Non-monetary
    • cooperation
    • founder coaching
    • innovation & competitiveness
    • legal & tax consulting
    • networking
    • start-up consultancy
    • all
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General Contact


Kurze Mühren 1
20095 Hamburg

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