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ai-omatic solutions GmbH - a software solution in the field of predictive maintenance


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Business model: B2B Established: 2020 Employees: 18

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ai-omatic is a deep-tech startup that offers a cloud-based software solution in the field of predictive maintenance that evaluates and visualizes sensor data from machines. ai-omatic's product is a digital maintenance assistant that detects unfavorable machine behavior before it becomes a problem. As a result, unplanned machine downtime can be avoided, maintenance effort can be reduced and plant availability can be increased. Due to the high scalability of the algorithm, the solution can be used for a wide range of use cases and industries.

About the founders of ai-omatic solutions
The founding team of ai-omatic consists of Lena Weirauch (CEO), Dario Ramming (CTO) and Felix Kraft (CFO). All three come from different backgrounds and bring individual expertise and passions to the table.

Milesstones & plans
We were already able to convince many customers of our software, win important strategic partners and were awarded with great prizes (among others Startup Camp).

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