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Hamburg-based medtech startup apoQlar has just announced the close of its Series A funding round. This saw participation from YZR Capital, IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH, parts of the founding team, and two experienced business angels. The funding round was notably oversubscribed, underscoring strong investor confidence in apoQlar’s vision and market potential.

© apoQlar: The Founders Sirko Pelzl and Marc-Angelo Bisotti
© apoQlar: The Founders Sirko Pelzl and Marc-Angelo Bisotti

apoQlar puts holographic medicine on a new level

apoQlar wants to improve healthcare delivery through its groundbreaking development in the field of holographic medicine. By harnessing advanced holographic imaging technologies, apoQlar enables medical professionals to visualise complex medical data and patient anatomy in three dimensions. The integration of artificial intelligence into their Holomedicine solutions further tailors applications across all medical fields, which can significantly enhance clinical decision-making and positively impact patient outcomes. Among many different applications, this innovative approach enhances medical collaboration, facilitates surgical planning, and improves educational opportunities for healthcare providers, thereby setting new standards in patient care and medical training.

The infusion of capital will accelerate apoQlar’s product development, expand the distribution networks of the startup, and enhance regulatory and research capabilities to meet growing global demand.

“This Series A funding represents a pivotal point in apoQlar’s journey. With the support of our esteemed investors and our dedicated team across four continents, we are poised to push the boundaries of what's possible in medical technology. Our commitment to medical evidence and innovation remains at the forefront as we expand our impact worldwide.”
Sirko Pelzl, CEO of apoQlar


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