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Greentech plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change. A number of innovative startups from this field have established themselves in Hamburg. These include CarbonStack, Blancair and ANNEA, which we briefly introduce here.

© CarbonStack: the founders
© CarbonStack: the founders


CarbonStack develops reforestation projects as long-term carbon sinks to help companies achieve their climate goals. By reforesting a German forest, companies can compensate their unavoidable CO2 emissions. Transparency and quality assurance have the highest priority in order to make the contribution to climate protection traceable. CarbonStack's team is made up of experts in remote sensing, blockchain and environmental modeling. Their vision is to contribute to a net negative world by 2050.

© Blancair: the team
© Blancair: the team


Blancair, developed by DACMa GmbH, manufactures machines that capture CO2 from ambient air. The ambient air is fed into the machine, and the CO2 it contains is captured and used as a valuable raw material source for the production of fuels. Blancair's team consists of engineers from different disciplines who work together on an interdisciplinary and international basis. Blancair also has entered into a partnership for a CO2 removal project in Brazil involving various stakeholders from academia and industry. The goal of the project is to build an experimental plant powered entirely by solar energy with a capacity of 300 tons of CO2 per year.

© ANNEA: the team
© ANNEA: the team


ANNEA revolutionises the maintenance of renewable energy systems through condition-based prediction and detection of performance degradation. Using advanced technologies, it analyses vibrations in drive systems and provides operators with detailed information about future failures up to 365 days in advance. In addition, ANNEA detects power degradation and maximises energy production. These optimisations reduce unplanned downtime and increase green energy profitability. ANNEA enables the creation of digital twins of wind turbines and solar plants to ensure efficient monitoring.


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