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Just recently, 1KOMMA5°, the provider of carbon-neutral energy systems, achieved its status as a billion-euro unicorn. Now, it is continuing its growth trajectory by entering the Spanish market with the acquisition of Experta Solar. The Barcelona-based company is one of the market leaders for solar and energy systems in Spain, the fourth largest economy in Europe.

© 1KOMMA5°: Jose Sánchez & Fernando Sánchez, co-founders Experta Solar, Micha Grüber, CFO 1KOMMA5°, and Jan Meerjansen, Head of M&A 1KOMMA5°
© 1KOMMA5°: Jose Sánchez & Fernando Sánchez, co-founders Experta Solar, Micha Grüber CFO 1KOMMA5° and Jan Meerjansen Head of M&A 1KOMMA5°

Spain is the seventh market for 1KOMMA5°

1KOMMA5°, expects to generate at least 500 million euros in sales across the group in 2023. The goal is to develop a pan-European, market-leading supplier by 2030, together with strong, regional specialist companies, with a sales target of 10 billion euros per year. This is to be achieved by converting around 500,000 buildings a year to climate-neutral power generation, heat and mobility. Currently, 1KOMMA5° operates over 65 sites with around 1,400 employees in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark and Australia. The expansion into Spain is the third market entry in 2023 and the seventh country overall in which 1KOMMA5° operates. An IPO is planned for 2025.

The company is already the market leader for energy solutions in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and is one of the top three providers in Germany. Together with its new partner in Spain, 1KOMMA5° continues to expand its network of locations in order to introduce its smart energy manager Heartbeat and become the market leader in Spain as well. In addition to its headquarters in Barcelona and its leading position in the region, Experta Solar is currently active in seven cities, including Madrid and the Balearic Islands. The company expects to double its sales in Spain this year and plans to open new locations in Málaga, Murcia and Alicante to serve the growing demand in southeastern Spain.

© Christoph Neumann / 1KOMMA5°: Philipp Schröder, founder and CEO
“The acquisition of Experta Solar and expansion into Spain with the launch of Heartbeat is a key strategic development for 1KOMMA5°. Mariana, José and Fernando have built a successful and steadily growing company. In combination with Spain's climate protection plan, these are the best conditions for further growth. Together, we are now decarbonising buildings at a rapid pace, enabling our customers to participate in the electricity market and contributing to a sustainable, CO2-neutral future.”
Philipp Schröder, co-founder and CEO of 1KOMMA5°


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