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September 19, 2022

The AI.STARTUP.HUB turns Hamburg into an AI metropolis

Hamburg is considered one of the strongholds for artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany. The AI.STARTUP.HUB is making an important contribution to this with its AI Accelerator Program. The first round with eight startups has just run successfully and will conclude on September 29 with a graduation party.

©AI.STARTUP.HUB: Partners and members of AI.STARTUP.HUB met at a pitch event lately.
©AI.STARTUP.HUB: Partners and members of AI.STARTUP.HUB met at a pitch event lately.

The six partners of the AI.STARTUP.HUB

Too many cooks spoil the broth, goes a well-known saying, but at the AI.STARTUP.HUB the opposite is rather the case. This is because all parties involved in the funding project have tasks and competencies that complement each other perfectly.

The focus is on individual support

For a period of four years, the AI.STARTUP.HUB Hamburg will receive funding of altogether 3.8 million euros from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWi). Hamburg is one of four model regions for AI startups nationwide. The AI.STARTUP.HUB's entrepreneurial approach comprises eight modules that can be combined as desired to meet the needs of AI-focused startups. There is no money involved, but the startups do not have to give up any company shares, and they continue to receive support as alumni after the official program ending.

A closing party and new programs

The application phase for the second round of the AI Accelerator Program has already ended. The same applies to the new AI Ideation Program project, which is aimed at students and researchers with AI ideas even before founding. Both programs will start in October 2022, but before that, the eight startups from the first round will present themselves at a graduation party on September 29, for which you can register for free here. By the way, since June, the AI.STARTUP.HUB officially has a project manager in Eva Baukloh, who also serves as a contact person for startups.


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