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1KOMMA5°, the leading European platform operator for CO2-neutral energy solutions such as solar systems, heat pumps and wallboxes, is launching in the Netherlands with the acquisition of Zonduurzaam. The Deventer-based company, founded and managed by brothers Koen and Thomas Rozendom, is one of the market leaders for solar and energy storage solutions in the Netherlands and has sold and installed over 10,000 energy systems.

© 1KOMMA5°: Philipp Schröder (CEO 1KOMMA5°), Koen and Thomas Rozendom (founders Zonduurzaam) and Micha Grüber (CFO 1KOMMA5°)
© 1KOMMA5°: Philipp Schröder (CEO 1KOMMA5°), Koen and Thomas Rozendom (founders Zonduurzaam) and Micha Grüber (CFO 1KOMMA5°)

1KOMMA5° taps into a promising market in the Netherlands

By joining the 1KOMMA5° Group, Zonduurzamm can make the Hamburg-based startup's entire product and software portfolio available to millions of customers in the Netherlands. From its headquarters in Deventer and a total of six locations, including Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Nijmegen and Heerenveen, Zonduurzaam is active in all major cities and regions of the Netherlands. With a team of 100 experts, the company installed almost 5,000 energy systems in 2023.

Renewable energies have great potential in the Netherlands. On the one hand, the government's ISDE program for heat pumps offers subsidies of up to EUR 5,100. On the other hand, customers can benefit from the Heartbeat smart software platform developed by 1KOMMA5°, especially after the planned phase-out of net metering in the Netherlands. In 2022, the Netherlands already reached more than 2 million residential PV installations, representing 25% of homes in the country.

1KOMMA5° is now active in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia. Together with its new Dutch partner, the startup plans to continue its expansion to support European commercial customers and multi-family homeowners in reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.


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