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Job offer
Engineer Mechatronics Co-Founder/COO AME - Additively Manufactured Electronics

Available from July 28, 2022

You can design components mechanically and electronically and are interested in additive manufacturing. At our project, you will be responsible for the production-ready design of our 3-dimensional circuit carriers and organize the manufacturing process, which will be implemented by the support staff.

Our EXIST project offers a paid position for at least 12 months and we would like you to join us afterwards as Co-Founder and COO to found our joint startup.

Ad online until September 30, 2023

AME - Additively Manufactured Electronics


  • Energy
  • Health
  • Mobility
  • new materials
  • Robotics
  • Telecom
  • Other

Professional Fields

  • Product & Project Management
  • Research & Development
  • Other

Work Experience

  • Experienced

Employment Type

  • Full time
  • Master Thesis
  • Temporary Contract

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Company details

We are enthusiastic about combining mechanics and electronics in one component and manufacturing them individually by means of additive manufacturing! AM is how we want to design and manufacture these 3D electronic components for our customers. There is already a basically functioning process chain that is already capable of producing functional demonstrators. 

The process chain is a solution for the production of different products, which can be used in many industries. So here we are with our engineering solution and in the next step we are looking for our market.

We are financed by an ongoing EXIST project that will run for at least another 12 months. We still have two open positions and are specifically looking for an engineer with a background in mechatronics.

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