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The German government is providing additional resources to further expand Germany's technology base and venture capital financing. These are to serve primarily as growth capital. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the Federal Ministry of Finance have developed the DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF) for this purpose. The DTCF is a new fund that with immediate effect will invest in the growth of companies with future technologies - up to one billion euros in the coming years. The funds come from the German government's Future Fund and the ERP Special Fund.

© DTCF: managing directors Dr. Elisabeth Schrey and Tobias Faupel
© DTCF: managing directors Dr. Elisabeth Schrey andTobias Faupel

The DTCF is ready to go

Since February 1, Dr. Elisabeth Schrey has completed the management team of the DTCF. Together with Co-Managing Director Tobias Faupel, she is responsible for the implementation of investments. The fund focuses on companies from the classic deep-tech sectors such as Industry 4.0 / IoT, robotics, AI, quantum computing and process automation, but also on companies with a technology-based business model such as digital health, new energy, smart city, new materials, climate protection and selected biotech sectors.

The DeepTech & Climate fund invests as an anchor investor only together with private cooperating investors. Typically, the DTCF invests the same amount as the private equity investors. In exceptional cases, this ratio can also be 30% (private) to 70% (public). The amount of financing per company across all financing rounds is limited to 30 million euros over all financing rounds. In the first financing round, the DTCF will invest at least 1 million euros. The first financings are expected to take place shortly. Applications can be submitted via a form.

"Startups are a key building block for the long-term competitiveness and climate-friendly transformation of our economy. With the launch of the DeepTech & Climate Fund, we are implementing an important component of the startup strategy adopted by the German government. By financing novel climate-friendly technologies, the fund strengthens Germany as a location for innovation and helps independent and successful technology companies to develop. In this way, we are offering deep-tech companies a long-term perspective in Germany."
Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck


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