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Events | May 22, 2024 | Onsite

Startup Port Lounge

The upcoming Startup Port Lounge opens its doors to a topic that is on the minds of many in the scene – and is the key to every startup project:

In a panel discussion, three startup founders talk about how they looked for and found their co-founders, what the biggest challenges are in day-to-day collaboration, and how to lay the foundations for a good corporate culture.

The lounge will be accompanied by live musical performances from Jiuning Liu and Lennart Meyer, followed by finger food and drinks and the networking part, where the panelists will also be present.

On the panel:

  • Laura Schnell
    Co-Founder and CSO open

  • Marius Klages
    Co-Founder und CEO dehaze

  • Viktor Kessler
    Co-Founder and CEO Notch

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© Startup Port


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