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Events | Dec 12, 2023 | Onsite

Gründungstoolbox: Validation of business ideas

About the event

You’ve had a flash of inspiration with a business idea, but now you’re unsure whether it’s worth investing more time and effort in it? In this workshop, startup port helps you to comprehensively evaluate your business idea at an early stage. Using the Business Model Roadtest method, you analyse the chances of success based on the three key factors of market, industry and team.

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The Toolbox

The online workshop series is aimed at people interested in setting up a business from the university environment of the Hamburg metropolitan region with or without their own business idea. In the individual sessions, methods and tools are taught and applied together to give you helpful tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Although the content of the units builds on each other, it is also possible to participate in individual units.


HAW Hamburg

Jungestraße 10
20535 Hamburg
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