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Events | Dec 13, 2023 | Onsite

AI & Creative Industries Issue #3: AI & Law

Hardly any other topic has moved the creative industries as much in recent months as artificial intelligence. Because hardly any other industry has so many creators and users of creative content, the AI discussion is accompanied by many legal questions: Can works and data be used to train tools? How is the creative output of AI protected? Am I allowed to use AI-generated content that is freely available online, and if so, how? The session will focus on the latest developments in the areas of data protection and copyright.

The keynote speech by Ariane Jung, lawyer at PLANIT // LEGAL, will be all about data protection law. What do SMEs need to consider? Which open source models can be used? What is the current status of the EU AI Act? Katharina Uppenbrink from the Copyright Initiative is committed to the interests of authors and will present the initiative's current developments. Dr Sebastian Rengshausen from UNVERZAGT Rechtsanwälte will focus on copyright law: What do SMEs that create or exploit works need to consider?


SPACE im Kreativspeicher M28

Am Sandtorkai 28
20457 Hamburg
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