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The topic of taxes can often be overwhelming: What taxes do you have to pay as a founder with your startup in Germany? Which tax forms do you have to fill out? What tax mistakes should you avoid when setting up your business? And when do you have to pay which taxes?

Taxation for startups
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As a young company, there are many things to consider. Above all, it is important to get an overview of all types of taxes early on. Founders are liable to pay taxes in Germany for their business activities.

The type and level of taxation essentially depends on the chosen legal form. Different types of taxes include e.g. income tax, corporation tax, trade tax, as well as input tax and value-added tax.

German taxes
Overview of different taxes in Germany and the according German term
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Information on which taxes need to be payed by whom and when
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Common tax errors
Checklist to prevent the most common errors when it comes to paying taxes
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Customs provisions
Basic information on the movement of goods, services and capital, civil aviation tax and labour and social legislation
Federal Ministry of Finance

Consulting & Coaching

hei. coaching programme „Accounting and Taxes“ – Claender of events
Various seminars relevant for entrepreneurs. Participants can receive a subsidy of up to 500 €. The events are usually held in German.
hei. calender of events

Tax information centre
Detailed information about tax obligations as a company and employer
Federal Center Tax Office

Software & Templates

Tax forms
The most common tax forms are made available online on this website
Federal Tax Administartion (in german)


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