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Customer acquisition and sales for startups in Hamburg
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What does a company need to survive on the market in the long term? That's right, customer acquisition and sales! Continuous client acquisition is the key when it comes to ensuring a lasting market presence and increasing sales, and thus revenue, in the long term.

But how do you win new customers and keep them loyal to your company? How do you conduct a customer interview? And which systems are suitable for documenting the acquisition?

A Complete Guide to Customer Acquisition for Startups
This guide answers questions such as what customer acquisition is, how to develop the right strategy and what costs you can expect.

Consulting & Coaching

hei. coaching programme "Client Acquisition" & "Law" - Calender of events
Various seminars relevant for entrepreneurs. Participants can receive a subsidy of up to 500 €. The events are usually held in German.
hei. calender of events

Otto Dock 6 is a venture client unit that builds a customer relationship with start-ups. The goal is a win-win situation: as a startup, you offer solutions to complex problems of the company and can test your services and products on the platforms of the e-commerce company Otto.
Otto Dock 6

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