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Crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting

You have an innovative idea but no money to implement it? Then crowdfunding or crowdinvesting could be just the right financing option for you! Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting are forms of financing for startups. Although they sound very similar, they are practically very different.

Crowdfunding for startups in Hamburg
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes

How can I use crowdfunding for my startup?

Crowdfunding is a type of investment in which a number of private individuals join forces to provide financial support for the realisation of projects, products or business ideas. Projects are promoted through online platforms. Great care should be applied in preparing the online presentation, which is to include a minimum amount to be raised by a given date. If this sum is not raised within the specified time frame, the respective project will not be realised and any supporters will have their investment amount refunded. Crowdfunding is not aimed at generating financial gains; the goal is to implement projects that are close to one’s heart.

Crowdinvesting for Startups in Hamburg
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Christian Brandes

What advantages does crowdinvesting provide for my company?

Equity crowdfunding (in German Crowdinvesting) means that a large number of individuals (e.g. micro-investors or investors) invest mostly low amounts of money in a new enterprise. The relevant startup is promoted via an online platform, which also facilitates the investment transaction. If the business is making good progress, the individual investors will receive a return and thus benefit from the company's success.

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