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Business Plan

Before startups start realising their business idea, it is often necessary to draw up a business plan. Whether financial planning or the conception of initial marketing measures - a business plan contains and structures all the important aspects required for the realisation of a business startup. When companies are looking for financing from a bank, a business plan is often required. It also provides founders with clarity in their financial and strategic planning.

Businessplan for startups
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How to create a business plan?

In addition to an outline of the idea itself, the business plan comprises information on the business model, the strategy, a market analysis as well as financial planning. The goal of the document is to answer the main questions on how the company is to successfully exist and flourish in the market.

At the same time, the business plan serves as a type of analysis, since the breakdown and description of the individual aspects allows practical conclusions to be drawn on the planned venture. Furthermore, the business plan can be used for deriving key factors that have to be considered for the business to succeed, as well as opportunities to be taken and risks to be avoided.

Development of company concept/ business plan/ financial plan
Develop your business plan, with detailed assistance and practical examples as well as support from an IHK expert.
Unternehmenswerkstatt Hamburg

Planning phase
Overview and guide for a business plan
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Guiding questions
Overview of a range of helpful questions for putting a business idea into action
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Business plan
A detailed elaboration of the different aspects of a business plan
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Software & Templates

Software that supports the creation of a detailed business plan. (A full free version is provided for 30 days)
SmartBusinessPlan (To access the free version one has to use the German link, after signing up the language can be switched to English)

Consulting & Coaching

Initial consultation
General information and consultation on setting up a business in Hamburg (no appointment necessary)
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Business startup consultation before business plan preparation                                                 
General orientation meeting: Appointment can be made by telephone or in person (with appointment)                                                                                                                                        
hei. Hamburg Business Startup Initiative

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