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In the gaming and crypto scene, WAGMi stands for "We're All Gonna Make It". In reference to this, we at ARIC, together with our supporters from the Hacker School, Presada, neue fische and DFKI, say: "Women are gonna make it!" and encourage all interested women to take part in our hackathon. There will be tasks from four different tracks: Robotics, HTML/CSS, Internet of Things and AI. Beginners are just as welcome as advanced AI experts.At the WAGMI hackathon, you can try out new skills and get to know other women interested in technology. Participation is free - but the feeling when your code finally works after a long puzzle is priceless.

We look forward to spending a day solving problems with you and our mentors. Please bring your own laptop.


SPACE im Kreativspeicher M28

Am Sandtorkai 28
20457 Hamburg
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