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Events | Oct 14, 2022 – Oct 16, 2022 | Onsite

Startup Port Founders' Camp

A finished business model after three days? That's what the Startup Port Gründungscamp offers you - the summer school for business model development.

At Startup Port Gründungscamp, people interested in founding a company and founders put the individual components of their knowledge-based business ideas to the test together with the lecturers and develop them into a mature business model.With the help of canvas models, rapid prototyping and various risk scenarios, the participants concretise their offers, sharpen their target groups and check the revenue model for feasibility and scalability, so that the (planned) enterprise can be placed on a solid basis. Concrete information on the most important questions and problems relevant to founding a business, the examination of one's own founding personality as well as many individual counselling offers round off the founding camp. In a campus atmosphere, all participants not only receive an excellent qualification, but also benefit from the exchange of experiences with other young entrepreneurs.

This event is organised by Leuphana, Tempowerk and Hamburg Innovation.

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Friday / 14. October 2022

     What is Business Model Development?

     Getting to know your own target groups and markets

     Reviewing your own business idea 

Saturday / 15 October 2022

     Basic knowledge of law and taxes

     Key factor entrepreneurial personality

     Making money: financing and funding

     Securing property rights 

Sunday / 16 October 2022

     Refining your own business idea

     Pitching your own business idea



Tempowerkring 6
21079 Hamburg
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