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Events | Apr 17, 2024 | Onsite

Impact Academy: Storytelling with Video

Moving images are powerful. Nothing gets to the heart faster and stays in the mind better. There is no stronger medium for fast and impressive storytelling. It is the ideal tool for impact companies, which almost always have a strong story to tell. Actually. Unfortunately, film is usually more expensive than other communication channels and therefore not always affordable, especially for startups. There is also a certain lack of transparency. Why is the offer so expensive? Can't it be shot on a cell phone? When does moving image communication have substance, and what is hot air?

In this academy, you will find out what really matters. You will learn when a video is effective and when it is not. You will get an overview of different formats and ways of using them. You will gain an insight into avoidable cost traps and sensible investments. And, of course, for content. You might even develop your own video idea.

There is a small homework assignment in advance: please bring along a video that you particularly like and that you can imagine using as an example in your corporate communication. We will analyze together what makes the clip good (or not), whether it is an expensive film or a lean production, and how you can apply the essence of it for yourself.


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