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Events | Nov 22, 2023 | Online

Digital Health Pitch November 2023

The online pitch organised by Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH offers players in Hamburg's healthcare industry a forum for exchanging ideas and solutions for the healthcare sector. Startups can present their ideas and look for cooperation partners to implement their solutions together.

Digital Health Pitch
Digital Health Pitch


Pitch 1: help - revolutionary, scientifically proven therapy for chronic pain as an app

Dr Antje Kallweit, anaesthetist and pain therapist, co-founder & Annika Bruhns-Petersson, musical performer, coach, communication expert, co-founder

Pitch 2: excagol medtech - automated and precise venipuncture

Eilon Mario Netzer, CEO & Co-Founder excagol medtech UG

Pitch 3: GlucoFit - diabetes management via an app, that thinks with your diabetes

Inka Benthin, CEO & Co-Founder

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