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The online workshop series ‚Gründungstoolbox‘ by beyourpilot is aimed at people interested in setting up a business from Hamburg’s university environment, with or without their own business idea. In the individual sessions, methods and tools are taught and applied together to give you helpful tools for your entrepreneurial journey. Although the content of the units builds on each other, it is also possible to participate in individual units. Afterwards, beyourpilot offers you the opportunity to network: Between 5 and 6 p.m., beyourpilot invites you to to talk and get to know each other in a relaxed virtual setting.

Toolbox Module: Calculation & pricing strategy

Your startup idea is becoming more and more concrete. And you ask yourself, what price can and should I go to market with? What is the minimum price I need for my product or service? What different pricing strategies are there and what is suitable for me as a startup? In this workshop, you will approach all these questions and work out the basic building blocks for your calculation. Together with the other participants you will discuss different pricing strategies.

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