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Job offer
Quantum Hardware Theorist

Available from December 7, 2022

Quantum Hardware Theorist

Parity Quantum Computing GmbH

(Hamburg, Full time, m/w/x)

What we do

ParityQC is the world's only Quantum Architecture Company. We have developed a fundamentally new way of solving industry-relevant problems on quantum computers. We develop blueprints for quantum computers and the associated operating system - ParityOS.

About the job

We are looking for a Quantum Hardware Theorist who will join our team of Quantum Scientists creating next generation quantum computers. The role involves mainly the theoretical modelling and simulation of trapped ions and atoms based QC and the co-designing of algorithms specifically adapted to these hardware platforms using the ParityQC architecture. We are developing ParityOS, a toolchain of software that translates optimization problems from its raw mathematical formulation to a complete quantum program, which is specifically customized for the underlying hardware platform.

Your tasks

As a Quantum Hardware Theorist, you will theoretically model the QC hardware and develop pioneering algorithms specifically co-designed to run on near-term quantum devices. You will utilize the specific advantages of trapped ions and neutral atoms based quantum computers to design performant algorithms and to propose the experimental realization of improved qubit gates. This co-development of hardware and software requires both a profound theoretical knowledge of quantum information theory, as well as a deep understanding of the specific qubit platforms. Your tasks involve creating innovative techniques and strategies to tackle optimization problems in the Parity Architecture for trapped ions and atoms based hardware platforms.

Skills & Experience

Required Skills & Experience

  • PhD degree in physics or related subject with a focus on trapped ions or atoms based quantum computation

  • Deep understanding of trapped ions or atoms based quantum computers

  • Deep understanding of quantum computation and quantum information

  • Programming skills, in particular Python

  • High degree of creativity and pro-activeness

  • Ability to work self-initiated and independently, experience in research

  • Fluency in English

Preferred Experience

  • A proven track record in quantum physics and in particular trapped ions and atoms based quantum computation

  • German skills are a plus, but not required

What we offer

We are a spin-off working in one of the most exciting emerging technology fields. There are no long-time proven concepts on what we are doing – we need to invent everything from scratch, and we are therefore able to shape a whole new generation of computing. ParityOS is the first fully cloud-based operating system for quantum computers. We are pioneers in this field and develop the blueprints for the upcoming generations. Thus, the position also allows to conduct research and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Altogether we offer:

  • Excellent work-life balance

  • Flexible working hours with home office options

  • An innovative and international working environment

  • A motivated team, friendly atmosphere, flat hierarchies

  • Continuous training and encouragement of personal development

**Please submit a copy of your CV and a cover letter stating why you would be interested in working at ParityQC and why your experience is relevant **

Hard Facts

Job: full time

Hours of work per week: 40 h

Remuneration based on experience

Place: Hamburg


Ad online until February 28, 2023

Parity Quantum Computing GmbH


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Professional Fields

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Work Experience

  • Experienced

Employment Type

  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Full time
  • Master Thesis
  • Permanent Contract

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Company details

ParityQC is the first architecture company for quantum optimization on a quantum computer. We have developed a fundamentally new way of solving industry-relevant problems on quantum computers. We develop blueprints for quantum computers and the associated operating system - ParityOS.

Meet your HR contact

Jay Barrington